Property Management Services

We understand that Property Management is a very important aspect of a rental portfolio. We know how important it is to keep your properties in good condition, properly maintained and occupied. Therefore, we are result-oriented and our services are focused solely on our clients and their properties. A bad property manager can cost you hundreds of dollars in bad tenants, loss fees, unpaid rents, extra maintenance, and eviction costs. However, a good property manager can increase your rental income, keep your property continuously occupied, and raise the property value by maintaining it through continued care.

We treat our clients' properties as our own because we understand the trust placed in us when selected as the management company.

We work continuously to account for every detail regarding our clients’ properties, always asking ourselves – Is there any way we can increase our client's’ bottom line without incurring any more costs for them? We are always striving to think outside the box, be creative, and provide exceptional customer service.

Our Property Management Services Include:

Financial & Budget Services
  • Rent Collection – collection of rent payment, fines, late fees, utility charges, etc.
  • Bill Payment – paying bills associated with property (vendors, HOA, etc)
  • Owner & Property Statements – monthly/yearly statements showing allocation of funds for payments, expenses, ending cash flow
  • Utility Allocation & Collection – disputation of utility charges and collection
  • Valuation Analysis – analysis of current rental prices, recommendations for increases, & analysis of fair market value in the event our clients want to sell
  • Accounting Software & Tax Preparation – 1099s prepared annually as well as itemized expense reports per property
Management Services
  • Advertisement and promotion of properties for rent
  • Maintenance – repairing properties as needed/requested
  • Inspections – periodic inspection of property and random drive by monitoring
  • Tenant Relations – Customer service for tenants regarding leases, maintenance, general questions
  • HOA Correspondence - follow up on HOA issues, fines, repairs as needed
  • Vendor Management – partnering with contractors for needed repairs and overseeing their performance
Leasing /Administrative Services
  • Leasing –  Tenant placement, application processing, screening, tenant lease execution
  • Tenant/Owner/Property Record Keeping – maintenance of all Tenant/Owner/Property information and communication
  • Keys
  • Tenant Turnovers
  • Tenant Disputes – coordination of legal issues/evictions
  • Legal compliance – compliance for all Federal, State and local laws:
Federal NC State Local
Fair Housing Act Landlord Tenant Act City of Charlotte Housing Code
Fair Credit Reporting Act Tenant Security Deposit Act CMPD
Equity Credit Opportunity Act State Fair Housing Act
Lead-based Paint Hazard Act Real Estate License Law
Domestic Violence Act

As a full-service Property Management company, we work for both the Client and Tenant – understanding that when both parties are being serviced and happy – everyone wins.   For our Tenants, we make it easy for them to communicate with us directly, make payments online, and submit maintenance requests.   For our Clients, our accounting software allows for Direct Deposits of rent money, itemized monthly statements, and yearly cash flow statements for each property.  

Fee Structure
We know the more cash flow our clients see each month, the greater return on their real estate portfolio. And very simply, that is our goal.  It shows  we are doing a good job on our client’s behalf.  We aim to keep our fee structure very simple with only three (3) fees:
  • Monthly management fee
  • One-time New Tenant Placement Fee (when a new tenant moves into the property)
  • One-time Lease Renewal Fee (when a tenant extends their lease for another term)
It is that easy.  We do not mark up any 3rd party vendor fees, materials, or inspections.  And if there are any charges that we feel are the Tenant’s responsibility - we will let you know and bill it back directly to them for payment.