Investment Options

Being in the real estate business, we know that not all our clients are looking for Property Management.  Some clients are looking more for an investment avenue to earn a good rate of return without Tenants and Management.  They want to rehab and flip properties.  Jumping into the ‘rehab business’ has some real-world risks associated with it.  Our firm's experience in the market allows us to offer guidance and expertise to help protect our clients from unnecessary risk and ultimately increase their returns on investment

Queen City Management Services brings to the table a wealth of experience – from courthouse auctions to tax foreclosures, to identifying Off Market, High Margin deals – we take the time to map out an investment strategy that works for each client.  We meet with each client personally, identifying their main financial goals in rehabbing properties, and craft a lucrative, creative solution that works for them.  We understand that time is money and use our contacts and expertise to deliver the most profitable results.  Please be sure to check out our list of ‘Recent Investment Successes’ for a list of projects that have closed and are currently under way.